Protection From The Elements

style & durability

Cladding comes in many forms. Thoughtful combinations of styles and finishes will complete your exterior.
horizontal plank
Horizontal planks give a classic look and are often referred to as lap siding. Lap siding has many widths or “reveals” available from wide to narrow and will create a particular look depending on the home’s architecture. Victorian homes built in the late 1800s may require a narrow plank to accommodate a historical preservation project, while a wider plank may be used on a larger home to create the right feeling of proportion to the building’s stature.
panel & battens
Panel typically comes in large sheets and can be put up to create a clean smooth modern look or installed with slim batten trim boards on top to create interest and texture. The decision to work with panel is usually connected to the era of the home. Revitalizing a mid-century modern home, upgrading a Tudor with intricate trims or a new build all may call for something different than a classic horizontal plank.
shake & accents
To accent the home, often people like to change color and texture by adding shake or scallops in the gabled areas. Sometimes this is to restore an old Craftsman to it’s original glory or to give the home cottage curb appeal. Shake and scallops come in many shapes, styles and sizes and are offered by a majority of manufacturers. Some homes will have these combined with special carpentry accents to give a more ornate look.
fiber cement & engineered wood
Fiber cement and engineered wood are the number one choices for wood like replacement products. Many older homes in Colorado were built with either cedar siding or an old composite on top of a black fiber board called celotex. To restore the home with a product that has the beauty of wood and the durability of precision manufacturing, we recommend James Hardie fiber cement products and LP Smartside engineered wood. These products come with their own factory finishes or primed and ready to take on your unique color palette.
vinyl, steel & composites
Vinyl, steel and other composites are great for maintenance free living. They act as great protectors of the exterior by insulating and sealing the home with durable materials that never need to be painted or stained. For vinyl siding we recommend Pro Via products that come in many different styles and colors. When it comes to steel siding, Ply Gem makes one of the toughest products out there with a hail damage warranty due to the gage of the metal. Once these materials are installed, they do not require maintenance, making them ideal for home owners with multiple properties or with busier life styles.
stone, stucco & brick
Stone, stucco and brick are in a league of their own and what we refer to as custom finishes. Creating a high end look that will last for generations to come is achieved with these natural materials. Highly skilled craftsmen and technicians are required to execute installation correctly. If you’re interested in adding this to your home, we recommend working with us to design exactly how the materials will be integrated before the work is started. You will be amazed at the transformations that are possible.

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